Among all types of cable transport systems, the funicular is undoubtedly the safest and, in the long term, the most economical system.


The funicular is a reciprocating motion transport system. A tow cable is moving the cabins along a single railway track with a passing loop at midway.

Hardwearing, simplicity and efficiency are the main characteristics of this transport system.

The layout of the track is the key to the success of such an installation.

Comfort and integration in the environment are the result of a track well adapted to the topography.



The railway track of a funicular can be laid on ballast and/or on raised structures.
Such raised structures easily bridge the irregularities of the ground and also significantly reduce the amount of snow to be removed in winter.


For the construction of a funicular, our Company provides :

  • project management services
  • structural calculation notes and construction drawings
  • topographical studies and definition of the track layout
  • quality control and site supervision
  • safety plans and operation manuals
  • start-up of the installation.


In this process, we are giving particular attention to the design of :

  • foundations and structure of buildings and bridge supports
  • structural components of raised structures and bridges.




  • MONTANA-CRANS Funicular Wagon 120 passengers *

    St-LUC Funicular Wagon 80 passengers *

    MOLESON Funicular Wagon 90 passengers

    NEUCHATEL Funicular Uni-Gare Wagon 120 passengers

    NENDAZ,Site transport system for tunnel boring machine EOS CLEUSON-DIXENCE

    CHAMPERY Extension of AOMC Railway

    St-IMIER Funicular


  • LUSHAN Funicular*


  • Funicular project (feasibility study)



* Travaux éffectués en sous-traitance d'un constructeur