altWhatever the size or the location of a construction site, the cable transport systems allow easy and efficient conveying of people, equipment and material to the place of work or use.

All year round, 24 hours a day and in all Continents, the construction site ropeways have proven their high efficiency.

By adapting specific hoisting gears, it is possible to convey minerals as well as aggregates, vehicles or any type of equipment.

altreciprocating transport system





Shape and size of the structure of a construction site ropeway depend on the characteristics of the items to be conveyed.


For the construction of a such systems, our Company provides:

  • project management services
  • structural calculation notes and construction drawings
  • topographical studies and definition of the layout
  • quality control and site supervision
  • Financial monitoring of the project
  • safety plans and operation manuals
  • start-up of the installation.


In this process, we are giving particular attention to the design of :

  • foundations of buildings and pylons
  • superstructures and roofing of buildings
  • structure of pylons




  • Ropeways La Léchire in Fribourg (7 to)
  • Ropeways Fionnay-Louvie (Val de Bagnes)
  • Ropeways Arolla (P4)
  • Ropeways la Gougra (Mottec-Zinal)
  • Ropeways Weisshorn


  • Ropeways: Plan Désert-Tracouet (15 to)*
  • Ropeways: Dent de Nendaz (5 to)*
  • Ropeways: Méribé-Chargeur (15 to)*
  • Ropeways: Condémines-Péroua (5 to)*


* Subcontractor of a manufacturer