funitel Crans MontanaThe FUNITEL is currently the most sophisticated and most efficient cable transport system.

The wide spacing of the two haul cables provides high wind stability to both cables and cabins and also allows long free spans between pylons.

The special coupling system allows a continuous movement of the cabins and ensures a very high conveying capacity.

The cost of this type of equipment being quite high, its selection is only recommended in case high capacity and reliability are essential for the commercial operation of the installation.

altContinus movement system


The mechanical equipment of a FUNITEL is significant and complex. The related structures are therefore to be thoroughly planned and designed so that they suit the operational requirements and ensure the comfort of the passengers.

For the construction of a FUNITEL, our Company provides:

  • project management services
  • structural calculation notes and construction drawings
  • topographical studies and definition of the layout
  • quality control and site supervision
  • safety plans and operation manuals
  • start-up of the installation.


In this process, we are giving particular attention to the design of :

  • foundations of buildings and pylons
  • superstructures and roofing of buildings
  • structure of pylons





  • VERBIER : Funitel Ruinettes-Attelas (general mandate)*
  • MONTANA: Funitel Violettes-Plaine Morte (coordination mandate & structures)*


  • CALIFORNIA: Funitel Squaw Valley (structures)* 


* Subcontractor of a manufacturer