altThe gondola lift system is an aerial cable transport system fully satisfying the following criteria: high capacity, comfort and profit making.

The cabins can be either permanently fixed to the hauling cable or only hooked to this cable when required by a special coupling system. The number of passengers varies from 2 to 16 depending on the type of cabin. The passengers can be either standing or seated.

The cabins being closed, the passengers are fully protected against wind and bad weather.

altContinuous movement system



The structures required for a gondola lift greatly vary, depending on size and location of the installation. The stations can be either fully open or completely enclosed. The steel pylons can be tubular or in lattice construction.


For the construction thereof, our Company provides:

  • project management services
  • topographical studies and definition of the layout
  • structural calculation notes and construction drawings
  • on site checks and financial monitoring of the project
  • safety plans and operation manuals
  • startup of the installation


We are giving special attention to the following:

  • concrete foundations of buildings and pylons
  • superstructure of the stations
  • steel structure of pylons

alt alt




  • NENDAZ Gondola 12 passengers Tracouet
    VERBIER Gondola 8 passengers Tortin-Col de Chassoure
    VERBIER 2 Gondolas 4 passengers Le Chable-Verbier-Ruinettes
    VEYSONNAZ Gondola 4 passengers Veysonnaz-Thyon
    VEYSONNAZ Gondola 4 passengers Piste de l'Ours
    GRIMENTZ Gondola 10 passengers Grimentz-Bendolla
    ZINAL Gondola Zinal-Chiesso (project)


  • AAR Gondola (feasibility) *
    NAMAKABROUK Gondola (feasibility) *


  • ORAN Gondola *
    ALGER Gondola 2 sections *


  • SIERRA NEVADA Gondola *


  • Poate Nord (feasibility study)


Détroit - Windsor gondola (project)


* Subcontractor of a manufacturer